Greg “Da Bull” Noll, a pioneering giant who led an incredible age of surf exploration, rode the biggest waves of the era and then virtually disappeared.  


When Greg left the surf world, he took with him thousands of feet of 16mm film. Discover where the infamous big-wave icon went when he left Hawaii, and what happened to his mysterious film archive.


“Lost and Found” offers a unique window into one of surfing’s great characters, and a peek at the 16mm magic he captured so many years ago.  


“Lost and Found, The Film Archive of Greg Noll” is an epic ride!



In the 1950’s Greg Noll and a group of young Californians moved to Oahu’s North Shore, and spearheaded a radical push in big-wave surfing. 


For several seasons Greg captured these adventures on 16mm film, and then boxed up his cameras.  Shortly after riding the biggest wave of the era, Greg “Da Bull” Noll decided to leave the surfing world.



Over 90% of Greg’s original film had never been seen, or duplicated.  It remained stored in cans in his closet.  In 2016, after ten years of discussing the project and over a half century since it was exposed, Greg invited a small crew to check out his archive. 


They found 30,000 feet of 16mm film, stored carefully in 42 cans, and embarked on a mission to preserve as much of the historic material as possible.  No one knew what we would reveal.